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Drum Kennels and living through COVID-19


I thought it would be nice for our customers (and hopefully potential customers) to learn a bit more about Drum Kennels and what we do! As this is my first Drum blog, I hope you enjoy and if there is a particular subject you would like me to cover then do ask. 


Lockdown for us, and I’m sure a lot of others, has been a very strange and worrying time. At first it was weird. All our bookings were cancelled which left us with one long term boarder to look after. 


We had a few boarders in over April and June for people either working extremely long hours or who were in hospital. 


So what did we do? 


Well, we painted all the outbuildings and kennels. Revamped the exercise paddock. Cut the hedges and lawns and had a general tidy up. 


So then to plan for a return of customers, whenever that was going to be? 


I completed a course on COVID and how to safeguard our staff and customers. A lot of the content of the course, we already do, but other information was a useful reminder of how to stay safe. 


At last our phone has started to ring again from hopeful customers booking in their dogs and cats. Everything’s crossed that we don’t go back into another lockdown! 


Holiday destinations have started to open again so our customers can now begin to plan for a get away, even if its only for weekends at the moment. 


I can’t deny that it has been a worrying time financially but we have been kept busy all the way through. 


We will be PPE’d up to receive our boarders and we thank all our customers for being patient and understanding during this transition period. 


New customers are still very welcome to visit and we always encourage this but for the time being we are asking that you give us an approximate time when we can expect you so that we can be wearing the appropriate protection. 


The current situation however, does not impact on how we care for our boarders. They continue to get the best care, exercise and enrichment possible and I will talk more on this subject in another blog. 


No-one knows what the future holds regarding COVID but I think we will be seeing this new “normal” for some time. 


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Thank you for reading