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Frequently Asked Questions
at Roncombe Hill, Sidbury, Sidmouth, East Devon.

Frequently Asked Questions
at Roncombe Hill, Sidbury, Sidmouth, East Devon.


We hope your questions are answered here

Here is a run through of all our most frequently asked questions. If any of your questions are left unanswered then please dont hesitate to contact us...

Yes, you definitely can and we welcome it.  We are open between 8.30am and 6.00pm and you are welcome to pop in any time during those hours any day of the week.

We supply everything, but you are welcome to bring anything that will help your pet settle, for example, some bedding that smells of home, an old jumper and toys. 

We supply quite a selection of dry and wet food but you are welcome to bring your own supply if you pet is on one that we don't supply.

Don't worry, we are happy to administer medication. All details will be taken when you bring your pet in to stay. These will be recorded on your pets booking details. Please bring enough medication to last your pets stay with us.

All our team are trained to make your pets first stay a happy experience. We will spend time with you and your pet when you come in. Once your pet has been settled in we will then go through the booking in process, taking all details we require. This will include viewing your pets up to date vaccination record, an emergency contact, name and contact details of your vet and any medication we will be required to administer.

For dogs, each kennel has a sleeping area and a day area. During the day they will have access to both. At night your dog will be settled into the sleeping area which has a bed with duvet and blankets, cosy flooring, water bowl and any toys.  For cats, our cattery has a raised level where we have a choice of beds for each cat. They can sleep in a cosy bed here or they can go under a further raised area into a bed so they are in a 'den'. You are very welcome to bring beds and/or bedding that your cat is familiar with but we do supply plenty of bedding to keep your cat cosy and warm. When temperatures dictate, all our our kennels and cattery have heating. 

We have a grass paddock which your dog will be let into 4 times a day. We also lead walk dogs on our own property.

Although your dog will be able to see other dogs, they will not come into contact with other dogs.

Our cattery is located on the other side of our house and is a peaceful area where the cats cannot hear or see the dogs.

Yes, we are more than happy that you ring and your speak to one of our team who will be able to tell you how your pet is getting on.

We can send you photos and if you have WhatsApp, this is the easiest way.

When you come to collect your pet you will be seen by one of our team to firstly arrange payment and collect any personal belongings. Then we will take you to collect your pet. Payment is due on the day of collection. We accept cash, cheques or direct payment into our bank. We do not take card payments.