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Morag’s Christmas Blog 2022

All of us at Drum Kennels and Cattery would like to wish our customers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Christmas isn’t always a happy time for your dog

Christmas is a time where a lot of us are extremely busy, especially in the lead up to the big day.   We are in and out buying last minute presents or the door bell is constantly ringing with parcels being delivered.

Visitors may be coming to stay, or just popping in for a visit.

All this extra activity can be unsettling for your dog.  While we know why this is all happening, they don’t!   

So please give them some thought through the Christmas and New Year period.  Make sure their routine is changed as little as possible.  That they still have their usual bed area unchanged.  They get to eat their meals in peace and most importantly, if you do have visitors, ask them not to over fuss the dog but to let the dog approach them when they are ready and feel comfortable to.

If you are unsure how your dog will react to strangers in the house, put them somewhere in the house that is familiar, safe and warm with something to keep them occupied such as a stuffed kong.

Christmas crackers!


If my household is anything to go by, my dogs HATE Christmas crackers.   They are so scared of the ‘bang’.

There is nothing worse than seeing your loving dog scared and shaking because those things on the dining table have just exploded!!

We still enjoy crackers on Christmas Day but I take the ‘bang’ out first so when we pull them they don’t make a noise


Christmas food poisonous for dogs?

At Christmas time we all love to have delicious festive foods and share these with friends and family.  I know your dog is up there amongst your best friends but sharing some human foods can make them extremely ill.

Here are some of the most common festive foods that can make your dog poorly………

Chocolate - chocolate coins on the Christmas tree, Advent calendars, Boxes of chocolates, even if they are wrapped and under the tree.  I bet they can all find the presents that contain food!

Christmas cake, mince pies and Christmas pudding - these all contain raisins, sultanas or currants which can be poisonous to dogs.  Some can tolerate them while others can’t even have one without falling ill.

Stuffing - Onions, garlic, leeks, shallots and chives all belong to the allium family and can be found in most types of Christmas stuffing.  These all contain a substance that can damage a dogs red blood cells.

Nuts - certain nuts, especially Macadamia nuts can also make a dog ill.

All this sounds really scary!  Its not meant to be, but just be aware of what your dog eats over the festive period.  I’m sure they would love some left over turkey though!