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News from Drum!

Welcome back to all our customers.  The national Covid restrictions are relaxing slightly, allowing people to travel and stay away from home.   So, our bookings are starting to come in thankfully.   If you know that you will need our services please don’t leave it too long before you book.

I am well aware that I have been a bit lax in writing my blog and letting you all know what we have been up to, so, with no further ado, what has been happening here since Christmas?

We’ve painted the inside of one cattery block so its nice and bright for our lovely cat boarders.  We’ve also put a hand rail up at the cattery to ensure the safety of you all.  Thank you to Jackie, our kennel Manager and Suzie, her partner, for all your hard work building and installing that.  I think it looks amazing.  I hope you all do too!

The car park has had a spruce up which includes a new fence there too.

As some of you will know, years ago there was a problem with the road and subsequently we had to have some of our hedge pulled out to repair the road and surrounding area.  We have tried to grown a hedge back but its certainly slow work.  So, Suzie and Jackie came to the rescue again and we now have a very nice fence to protect the kennels.

But more excitingly, I would like to introduce you to little Bhu (Bhuna).  Bhu is a Nowzad cat and I was so excited to have him to live here with us.   He is the most adorable little man, very loving and very cheeky! I’m sure you will see him out and about soon.  He does have a buddy so that he isn’t on his own, called Balti  (think there is a bit of a theme going on here haha).

Suzie also made the most amazing new sheep shed (Jackie and I did the “goforing” digging, concreting, post erecting and Jackie helped Suzie install the new sheep shed.  For who???   Henry, Humphrey, Bruce and Baarnaby have joined my family of animals and this will be their home when they aren’t in the fields.  They are Valais Blacknose sheep and they have been on my wish list for a very long time.  Henry and Humphrey are currently being bottle fed.  They now have their own Instagram account so if you are interested, you will be able to see their adventures while they grow up.   I still have my old girl sheep who are getting a bit arthritic now and just like to wander (very slowly) in the paddocks eating grass and then look toward to coming in for the night to fresh haylage and sheep nuts, oh and the odd cabbage or three!

So, that’s brought you all up to date with our going ons through Spring.   We look forward to seeing all our regulars return very soon and welcome to our new customers.